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Product ID 10003
The Universe v1
A ꞌ.pdfꞌ version of a book explaining the workings of the universe. It’s not what you think!.
Product ID 00030
Thermal Insulation and Conductivity Calculator v1
The thermal conductivity calculator can be used for the thermal conductance, heat flow rates and coefficients for multi-layered plates, and tubes.
Product ID 00095
Thermodynamics Calculator v1
Thermodynamics calculates the movement (transfer) of energy within a system according to a process.
Product ID 00017
Trigonometry Calculator v1
Trig calculates the properties of angles, triangles, triangular shapes and parts of a circle
Product ID 00018
Unit Converter and Calculator v1
UniQon includes almost 700 units and over 28,500 possible conversion options, such as wind speed/force; Roman numerals; longitude/latitude; volume/mass; gravity, horizon, etc.
Product ID 00051
Upheaval Buckling Calculator v1
Upheaval Buckling calculates the maximum expected lateral displacement in a pipeline under axial compression, along with the minimum burial depth required to prevent it
Product ID 00026
Velocity and Acceleration Calculator v1
Our velocity acceleration calculator caters for rotary, linear and trajectory motion paths and includes the effect of wind in any direction
Product ID 00059
Vessel Motions Calculator v1
Vessacc calculates the displacement, velocity and accleration of a ship's CofG and any specified point on its structure according to classical theory or DnV's Rules for the Classi...
Product ID 00081
Vessel RAO Calculator v1
RAO calculates the response amplitudes in all six degrees of freedom (Surge, Sway, Heave, Roll, Pitch and Yaw) of a floating vessel and includes the effect of added mass and damping
Product ID 00076
Vibration Damping Calculator v1
Damping calculates the properties of a material that can be used to minimise vibration resonance in dynamic systems and equipment operating at or near to their natural frequencies
Product ID 00024
Vortex Shedding Calculator v1
Vortex Shedding calculates whether or not a beam will vibrate at its natural frequency laterally or longitudinally under specified fluid-flow conditions
Product ID 00093
Vortices Calculator v1
Vortices calculates the properties and behaviour of free and forced vortices, and includes an additional calculation facility for falling spheres.
Product ID 00069
Walls, Barriers & Tanks Calculator v1
Walls calculates the maximum stresses, deflections and/or reactions in a structural wall when exposed to wind, waves or hydrostatic loads
Product ID 00080
Weight Lifting Calculator v1
Weight Lifting calculates the factors for weight and movement associated with mechanical advantage systems such as gears, lever, jacks, hydraulics, pulleys and sheaves
Product ID 00082
Welding Calculator v1
The weld strength calculator compares the strength and filler material volumes of equvalent fillet and butt welds
Product ID 00044
Wire Rope Calculator v1
Wire Ropes calculates the properties of multi-strand wire ropes including the effects of increased packing density and dimensional changes expected under tension
Product ID 00096
Wood Properties DataBase v1
The wood properties database is a collection of the principal physical properties for over 110 woods, both hard and soft including strength, thermal and durability.
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