The Physical Constants v1

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A description of the physical constants

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The physical constants are today published in numerous books. The problem is that those publications have no idea where they come from, what they mean, their exact values, how to use them, etc.

Keith has resolved all of them and in doing so revealed their exact purpose, their relationship and how to calculate them. This is the only book on this subject that explains exactly how to resolve every branch of physics in terms of exactly the same four basic units, electrical charge, magnetic charge, length and time. Every property of every particle in any circumstances can be described accurately using only these four constants.

Keith declares this book as the one of which he is most proud, because it is all his own work. He has also resolved every constant ever created in terms of a static ratio, a dynamic ratio and π. It is an amazing and unprecedented feat.

This book (of 115 pages) is not written with a view to make its author look more intelligent than its reader, it is written in plain [rhetorical] English to minimise the possibility of misunderstanding or misinterpretation of his dialogue.

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