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The universe its not what you think

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There are numerous bizarre and unintelligible theories of the universe, but none of them can be explained in terms of the known laws of physics. Keith has managed to work this out, and it is fascinating. Apparently, we are living in a universal period, in a never-ending sequence of universal periods. And it is all perfectly understandable and believable.

It is because he only managed to solve this problem after his in-depth study of Newtonꞌs work that Keith concluded; no scientist has ever properly understood Newtonꞌs laws of orbital motion, and that this remains the case today.

Whilst this theory of the universe is indeed based upon Isaac Newtonꞌs laws of orbital motion, it is all Keith’s own work. It explains the source of the [last] ‘Big-Bang’ - just one of many - and how it works within the most important law in physics; the conservation of energy. It also tells us the mass of the universe.

This book is written for those that prefer narrative to mathematics. Whilst it includes some maths it more literary than technical.

This book (of over 130 pages) is not written with a view to make its author look more intelligent than its reader, it is written in plain [rhetorical] English to minimise the possibility of misunderstanding or misinterpretation of his dialogue.

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