Thermal Insulation and Conductivity Calculator v1

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Thermal insulation calculator


Every material and substance (solid, liquid and gas) has thermal properties that describe its ability or resistance to transmit heat. In some cases, you actually want to lose heat as fast as you can, in others you want to contain it.

Other than through radiation, unless you contain a substance or heat source in a perfect vacuum with no ability to conduct or convect heat, there will always be a significant flow of heat from a hot source to a colder area.

This technology is used to size insulation layers for pipes, pressure vessels, ovens and buildings.


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ThermIns calculates the thermal conductivity, thermal conductance, heat flow rates and coefficients for multi-layered plates, and tubes; i.e. the rate at which your barrier can conduct heat.

ThermIns' own technical help includes typical thermal conductivity data (in metric and imperial units) sufficient for you to perform most calculations. The thermal conductivity calculator's technical help page on this web site provides additional assistance by way of example calculations.

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Thermal Conductivity Calculator - Options

ThermIns includes two calculation options, both of which use the same input data:

You enter: and the thermal conductivity calculator will provide:
  • Width (Inside diameter)
  • Length
  • Thermal conductivity of layers 1 to 5
  • Thickness of layers 1 to 5
  • Temperature difference
  • Heat transfer rate
  • Thermal resistance
  • Heat transfer coefficient
  • Mean thermal conductivity

Flat Barrier

The thermal conductivity calculator identifies the thermal insulation properties of a flat plate or, if you combine the exposed faces of a box or container, the thermal properties of a box or vessel.

Tubular Barrier

The thermal conductivity calculator identifies the thermal insulation properties of a pipe or tube.

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