The Neutron v1

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The neutron, free clean energy for all

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The neutron has been, and still is, an enigma to everybody. Until now, absolutely nobody understood; what it is; how it is created; what is its purpose; etc. But it turns out that it is the answer to all our prayers. It is the universe’s energy storehouse. Keith Dixon-Roche knows exactly what is and how it can help us all.

Neutron energy is no doubt what everyone (out there in the rest of the universe) is using. It is more than two-hundred-million percent efficient. It turns out that all of the nuclear power-stations around the world have been doing it wrong. They are unnecessarily extracting energy from dangerous materials; putting everyone at risk and costing us fortune in the storage of radioactive matter. Neutron energy could convert all of it to hydrogen, fuelling energy cells for decades. There is enough of it in one-metre of the earth’s crust to serve mankind for eternity and it is free; to everyone.

It could, and should, replace all other forms of energy!

The problem is, not even nuclear physicists understand it, what’s worse, is that they refuse believe it, but it’s existence is proven here; in this book.

This is probably the second most important book Keith has written to date.

This book (of over 110 pages) has been written in plain [vernacular English] language, to maximise understanding and minimise misinterpretation. The neutron is indeed the source of all energy.

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