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Thermodynamics calculator


Thermodynamics is the movement (transfer) of heat energy (EME) within a system according to a particular process;
constant pressure,
constant volume,
constant temperature,
The performances of which are dependent upon the specific heat capacity of the medium, which may exist in either viscous or gaseous form.

These calculations define the various forms of energy that may be used to do work (W), such as; heat transfer (Q), internal energy (U), enthalpy (H) and entropy (S), all of which follow recognised rules of calculation.

The conventional method for calculating the pressure of a gas based upon temperature and density (PVRT) may now be challenged using the potential energy in the atom's innermost electron-shells, confirming the true structure of the atom and the definition of temperature, and thereby explaining the nature of thermodynamic energy.


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The gas constants (specific; Rₐ and actual; R) are calculated from the ideal gas constant entered by the user (in the preferred units), which will be used in all other calculation options.

You select the appropriate system from the five calculation options (see below) and enter five of the six possible inputs for pressure, temperature and volume; Thermodynamics will calculate the missing input and define the various forms of energy generated by the process (see above).

Thermodynamics also determines the pressure of a gas using PVRT and PE calculation methods both of which should generate exactly the same result.

This calculator includes the specific heat constants and relative atomic masses of 92 natural elements, for those that wish to use them in their calculations.

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Thermodynamics Calculator - Options


This calculation option;
a) generates the gas constants that will be used in all of the other calculation options, and;
b) includes the 'PVRT vs PE' calculation option.

You enter: and the thermodynamics calculator will provide:
  • ideal gas consant
  • SHC (constant volume)
  • SHC (constant pressure)
  • relative atomic mass
  • mass
  • temperature (PVRT)
  • gas density (PVRT)
  • specific gas constant
  • gas constant
  • pressure (PVRT)
  • pressure (PE)

Constant Volume, Constant Pressure, Constant Temperature, Adiabatic & Absolute

This calculation option generates the various forms of energy in each of the thermodynamic systems:

You enter: and the thermodynamics calculator will provide:
  • stage-1 pressure
  • stage-1 volume
  • stage-1 temperature
  • stage-2 pressure
  • stage-2 volume
  • stage-2 temperature
  • specific gas constant
  • gas constant
  • Sp. heat ratio
  • exponent
  • heat transfer
  • work done
  • entropy (change)
  • internal energy (change)
  • enthalpy (change)

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