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Product ID 00021
Added Mass and Drag Calculator v1
Added Drag calculates the added mass and drag coefficients (Ca, Cd) that are used to define resistance forces generated on a body when immersed in a fluid with relative movement
Product ID 00070
Aerodynamics Calculator v1
The aerodynamic properties and performance of airfoils when used as aircraft wings (lift-force) and vehicle spoilers (down-force).
Product ID 00019
Areas and Volumes Calculator v1
Volumes calculates the surface areas, projected (profile) areas, volumes and principal dimensions of regular shapes such as prisms, spheres, barrels, etc
Product ID 00089
Atomic Calculator v1
Our atomic calculator determines the performance and properties of an atom according Newton laws of orbital motion and Coulomb's force law
Product ID 00079
Balance Calculator v1
Balance calculates the magnitude(s) and position(s) of the balancing weight(s) that would be required to prevent resonance in a rotating disc or shaft
Product ID 00097
Battery Calculator v1
Our battery calculator for the mass of ionised matter needed in a battery for an operational circuit.
Product ID 00002
Beam Strength Calculator v1
The beam strength calculator provides maximum stress and deflections with six end support options and three possible loading conditions (18 combinations)
Product ID 00047
Bearings Calculator (ball & roller) v1
The bearings calculator is used to calculate the life and load ratings of radial and thrust, ball and roller bearings according to Lundberg and Palmgren’s original calculations but with facto...
Product ID 00067
Belt Drive Calculator v1
The belt drive calculator determines the operational performance characteristics of pulley systems connected via belts and chains.
Product ID 00043
Bending Moment Calculator v1
This bending moment calculator has been created to calculate the bending moments and shear forces generated in a beam due to multiple point and distributed loads.
Product ID 00045
BiMetallic Strip Calculator v1
The bimetallic strip calculator determines the dimensional variations of metals due to temperature changes for engineering applications such as heat-shrink or freeze-grow sleeves and bi-m...
Product ID 00028
Buoyancy Force Calculator v1
The buoyancy force calculator calculates the behaviour of bodies immersed in a fluid: e.g. submarines, airships, helium-filled balloons and hot-air balloons
Product ID 00063
Carbon Steel Calculator v1
Carbon Steel predicts the mechanical properties of a plain, special or alloy carbon steel forging or identifies the chemical composition and associated mechanical properties of specific SAE/AISI fo...
Product ID 00040
Catenary Calculator - Applied Load v1
Catenary+ allows you to calculate the modified configuration of a catenary with a point-load applied anywhere along its length and in any direction.
Product ID 00003
Catenary Calculator v1
Catenary calculates the properties of a full or partial catenary curve and any point along its length using either tension or positioning data
Product ID 00057
Cathodic Protection (RP-B401) Calculator v1
Our cathodic protection calculator dtermines the anodic requirements for the cathodic protection of carbon steel submerged in seawater or buried in seabed sediments according to DnV-RP-B401
Product ID 00038
Centrifugal Force Calculator v1
The centrifugal force calculator determines the properties and behaviour of bodies subjected to a centrifugal force in both general and special situations
Product ID 00078
Colebrook-Fanning Calculator v1
The Colebrook calculator produces Colebrook and Fanning friction factors to account for the turbulent flow of fluids over rough surfaces.
Product ID 00029
Column Buckling Calculator v1
The column buckling calculator determines the buckling capacity of 'fat' (Rankine) and 'slender' (Euler) columns under concentric and eccentric axial loading conditions
Product ID 00004
Combined Stress Calculator v1
Our combined stress calculator converts primary and shear stresses of elastic materials into combined, equivalent and principal stresses (incl. cosines)
Product ID 00073
Co-ordinates v1
The co-ordinates calculator converts between cartesian and polar vector co-ordinate systems and also between latitude-longitude angular dimensions and UTM surface distances
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