Wire Rope Calculator v1

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Wire rope calculator


Wire ropes are a ubiquitous part of almost everything you see around you every day. They can be found in cars, boats, planes, trains, buildings, cranes, winches, rigging, guard rails, bridges, flexible pipes, etc., all around the world.

They make excellent tensile structural members (take a look in most modern airport terminal buildings) in that they can support much higher tensile loads than any plain steel beam of a similar cross-sectional area and tolerate much larger assembly tolerances.


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The wire rope calculator determines the expected properties of multi-strand cables based upon the effects of increased packing density and dimensional changes under tension.

The nature of these products renders them difficult to calculate accurately. Only controlled testing will provide an accurate result for any given design, and any such test will only apply to the length of rope tested.
Refer to CalQlata's Technical Help for expected levels of accuracy for this calculator.

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You enter: and the wire rope calculator will provide:
  • Applied tension (% break load)
  • Wire diameter
  • Filament diameter
  • Number of filaments
  • Minimum yield stress
  • Material density
  • Material Young's modulus
  • Break load
  • Area of filaments
  • Linear density @ zero load
  • Area of wire rope @ zero load
  • Area moment @ zero load
  • Tensile modulus @ zero load
  • Packing density @ zero load
  • Area moment @ '% break load'
  • Tensile modulus @ '% break load'
  • Packing density @ '% break load'
  • Min bend radius @ '% break load'
  • Change in diameter '% break load'
  • Change in length '% break load'

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