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The Liberty Belt, a science fiction book about the future of the universe

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Keith Dixon-Roche has written a science-fiction novel based upon his discoveries in physics.
It is set more than seven-hundred years into the future when our planet is at last living in peace, because after almost a hundred years of denial, these scientific discoveries were eventually accepted and subsequently implemented.

There is no hunger or pollution.
There is only one universal and eternal energy source, and it is free. There is no more mining on Earth. There are no more chemical fuels, power-stations, wind or wave tubines or solar cell farms. There are no more pipelines or transmission cables.
Only one means of propulsion is necessary for the only two extant forms of transport; general (IDV) and personal (the liberty belt).
Because the impulse drive can overcome gravity, there are no more roads, bridges, airports, seaports, fuel stations, etc.
Almost all buildings are now virtual.
Most of our planet has reverted to its natural state.
A central administration system (CAS) now administers the planet's essentials; one IDV, one energy-cell, one generator, one liberty belt, and food and medicine, all of which are provided free to everyone. CAS has been operating successfully for three-hundred years.

Greed and violence disappeared with the loss of political and religious control. But has this left us vulnerable to alien attack, now that we have no weapons to defend ourselves?
Rosalind, a gifted mathematician with zest for physics, thinks we should develop such weapons, but how, and what would they mean to Earthly peace? Moreover, she has come to believe that we are living in a universe that was created by somebody real - not a man-made god of old - but an actual being. She is determined to ask him, her or it why; what is its purpose?

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