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The future for all our transport and transit needs

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The flying saucer, as it has become known, or impulse drive vehicle (IDV) as we call it, is not only a perfectly plausible machine, it is simpler to design and manufacture than the various modes of transport and transit that we have become accustomed to today; motorcars, trains, ships, aeroplanes, spaceships, etc., all of which it will eventually replace.

Because its propulsion system induces movement under constant acceleration, as opposed to the constant velocity of all today's vehicles, it can oppose gravity and thereby hover with no need for rotating blades. It doesn't use air pressure to rise and fall above the planet’s surface. What’s more, it can cross the Atlantic (at 1g) in 25 minutes and reach the moon in 3-hours.
It requires no drive train, and eliminates the need for roads, rails, ports, airports, bridges, etc. and when powered by a neutron energy cell, it is quiet; issues no exhaust, and costs nothing to fuel.
Its drive system (the impulse drive) has only four moving parts, none of which make relative contact with other materials, eliminating the problems of friction and maximises efficiency.

Because of its constant acceleration, it eliminates all the re-entry problems associated with today’s spaceships when returning to the planet's surface from out in space. It can return to the earth’s surface as fast or as slow as you like.
Whilst all current forms of transport will need to change (evolve) forever - together with their energy sources - in order to maintain progress, the IDV will remain pretty much as is forever. The only changes the IDV will require is efficiency improvements to the magnets, materials and the neutron energy cell.
The most interesting fact is that this technology was known to us all 50-years ago. Isaac Newton and Eric Laithwaite gave it to us!

This book explains how to make one.

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