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Product ID 00086
Core Pressure Calculator v1
Core Pressure is a calculation facility for the interior structure (density and pressure) of a planetary body such as a star, planet or moon
Product ID 00033
Electrical Current Calculator v1
Our electrical current calculator determines the relative properties of alternating & direct currents and the transmission capacity of electrical conductors
Product ID 00074
Elliptical Curves v1
The ellipse calculator determines the dimensional properties of the three elliptical curves; ellipse, hyperbola and parabola including arc lengths and areas
Product ID 00006
Engineering Basics Calculator v1
Our engineering basics calculator includes most universal engineering formulas such as bending/axial/tensile beam loads, energy, capstans, motors, springs, etc.
Product ID 00072
Explosions Calculator v1
Explosions calculates the thermodynamic properties of a pressure wave generated by an explosion according to thermodynamic principles and Sadovsky's formulas
Product ID 00060
Fan Design Calculator v1
The fan calculator determines the performance characteristics of generic, axial and centrifugal fans based upon impeller and casing design
Product ID 00066
Flange Gaskets Calculator v1
Flange Gaskets is a dimensional database for 1000 standard piping and pipeline gaskets, and a includes a calculator for their basic gasket seating width (bₒ) used in our Flanges calculator
Product ID 00061
Flanges Calculator v1
Flanges is a database and calculation facility for pipeline and piping flanges according to ANSI/ASME VIII design code
Product ID 00008
Flexible Beam Strength Calculator v1
Beams+ determines the behaviour of large-deflection beams including: cantilever, touchdown, stiffness, fishing rod and axial compression configurations
Product ID 00009
Fluid Forces Calculator v1
Our fluid forces calculator determines the terminal speed of a body or force vectors induced on it when moving relative to a fluid (e.g. air or water)
Product ID 00010
Fluid Numbers Calculator v1
The fluid numbers calculator can be used to identify the dimensionless ratios (or coefficients) used to predict the behaviour of fluids from either practical or theoretical models
Product ID 00041
Friction Coefficient Calculator v1
Friction determines the sliding resistance between any two material surfaces under load and dimensions equivalent Morse Tapers (0 to 7) for any combination of materials
Product ID 00012
Galvanic Corrosion Calculator v1
Our galvanic corrosion calculator provides the relative nobility between most metals when immersed in an electrolyte, incl. electronegativity of metal elements
Product ID 00046
Gear Calculator v1
The gear calculator is used to calculate the dimensional and performance properties of mating gear and pinion wheels including tooth profiles and stresses.
Product ID 00077
Hardness Conversion Calculator v1
The hardness calculator converts between various Vickers, Brinell, Shore and Rockwell hardness sub-scales
Product ID 00049
HPHT Flexible Pipes v1
Design overview for an innovative HPHT flexible pipe for the onshore and offshore oil and gas production and exploration industries with significant advantages over all equivalent products availabl...
Product ID 00058
Journals (plain bearing) Calculator v1
Journals calculates the performance characteristics of plain bearings (Journal bearings) based upon the theory proposed by Michell and Cardullo.
Product ID 00054
Lift Rigging Calculator v1
Our lift rigging calculator determines loading and configuration details of multi-leg (2, 3 and 4) lifting systems used in conjunction with cranes and winches
Product ID 00039
Logs and Trig Calculator v1
The logs and trigs calculator converts between mathematical logs and anti-logs, and between plain and hyperbolic trigonometric values and their inverses.
Product ID 00022
Machining Tolerances Calculator v1
The machining tolerances calculator determines the machining tolerances (maximum and minimum diameters) for mating holes and shafts according to ISO and ANSI fit criteria.
Product ID 00007
Metal Fatigue Calculator v1
The metal fatigue calculator is used to determine the fatigue life of any mechanical component according to three recognised theories: Linear, Non-Linear and Goodman Modified Diagram.

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