HPHT Flexible Pipes v1

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High-pressure, high-temperature flexible pipes

This is not a calculator...

...it is a design overview for an innovative high-pressure/high-temperature flexible pipe.

HPHT flexible pipes are used in the onshore and offshore oil and gas exploration and production industries in difficult environments and where flexibility offers significant price and operational advantages over rigid steel pipe.

More than 70% of all internationally recognised certified HPHT flexible pipes are manufactured by less than half a dozen companies around the world and 70% of those are manufactured by one company.

Despite having been manufactured since the 1970’s, not a single product available in today’s multi-billion dollar annual global production of HPHT flexible pipes meets the requirements of the industry it serves. Existing design specifications and certification requirements are generated to fit the products available as opposed to the industry’s requirements.

The CalQlata product, which was developed by CalQlata engineers, represents a significant improvement in terms of manufacturing cost and performance over the best products available today.

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