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Flange gasket database and calculator


Flange gaskets are annular rings of material used to seal fluid pressure between a pair of bolted flanges. Whilst these gaskets can be manufactured from almost any material, flange face hardness, temperature, pressure and chemical resistance are important factors in the selection process.

Along with its material properties, the principal dimensions of a gasket (diameter and width) will normally define the flange bolting requirements and therefore the highest expected stresses in a bolted flange.


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Flange Gaskets includes a database of the principal dimensions for 1000 standard piping and pipeline flange gasket designs according to ANSI, API, BS and MSS international standards, ranging from ½" to 60" diameter and includes a calculator for their basic gasket seating width (bₒ) based upon ASME VIII’s Facing Sketches (1a) to (6)

The flange gasket calculator allows you to modify the input data from the database in order to establish basic gasket seating widths for non-standard gaskets.

The output data from Flange Gaskets can be exported to CalQlata's Flanges calculator.

Note: This calculator has not been officially endorsed by ASME. It is CalQlata’s interpretation of the design code calculations.

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Flange Gaskets Calculator - Options

Ring Type Joint Gaskets: BX, RX, Oval and Octagonal, all of which are based upon ASME’s Facing Sketch (6)

Flat Gaskets: Spiral Wound and CAF for which an appropriate ‘Facing Sketch’ must be applied

Facing Sketch: Flat gasket Facing Sketch options from ASME’s Table 2-5.2 includes; (1a), (1b), (1c), (1d), (2), (3), (4) and (5)

You enter: and the flange gaskets calculator will provide:
  • Nominal diameter
  • Gasket width
  • Nubbin width
  • Effective width
  • Outside diameter
  • Inside diameter
  • Thickness

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