Core Pressure Calculator v1

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Calculator for the internal pressure of a planet


The interior of a planetary body is unknown unless either; a) sufficient core drillings are carried out (impossible with today’s technology) or; b) estimate its interior construction from its polar moment inertia .

A planet’s polar motion of inertia can be established with high-level of accuracy using Isaac Newton’s laws of motion and planetary spin theory ; once known it is possible, using core pressure theory to estimate the densities of the various known layers within the planetary body.

In addition, once the various layers of the planetary body are known, Newton’s laws of motion may be used to calculate the pressure anywhere within the body. As can be seen in the above figure, the earth’s core pressure is over 1.35E+07 bar.


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The purpose of the Core Pressure calculator is to provide an estimation facility for the internal structure of a planetary body from its mass and its polar moment of inertia.

You enter various internal pressure-plane radii and associated densities (up to six) of the body and iterate the values until you can match the calculated mass (known from Newton’s laws of motion) and polar motion of inertia (known from spin theory) with the actual mass and actual polar motion of inertia.


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Core Pressure Theory - Options

Core Pressure Theory

Cores is a calculation facility for the internal structure of a planetary body.

You enter: and the Core Pressure calculator will provide:
  • Layer interface radius (0 to 6)
  • Layer interface density (0 to 6)
  • Planet mass
  • Planet polar moment of inertia
  • Surface pressure
  • Newton’s gravitational constant
  • Mass factor
  • Polar moment of inertia factor
  • Layer interface pressure (0 to 6)

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