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Explosions calculator


An explosion will occur as a result of the sudden release of energy from a chemical (incl. atomic) reaction or high-pressure gas. This sudden release of energy will generate a pressure wave within a surrounding fluid that will radiate rapidly, locally increasing atmospheric temperature and potentially damaging property and/or personnel.
Note: no pressure wave can be generated in a vacuum.

In order to provide suitable protection from such an event it is necessary to evaluate the properties of the pressure wave and provide suitable protection from the expected overpressure in the form of apertures and vents and/or the relocation of vulnerable objects.


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Explosions calculates the thermodynamic properties of a pressure wave generated by an explosion according to the Sadovsky model and a thermodynamic model, both of which work from the same input data and provide the same output.

Explosions also provides a co-ordinate listing for time, pressure, velocity, temperature and NFPA’s deflagration index for you to copy and paste into your preferred spreadsheet and plotting with respect to the radial distance from the explosion centre.

Output data from the explosions calculator can be used in CalQlata’s Vents program.

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Explosions Calculator - Options

Thermodynamic Model

Predicts the properties of a pressure wave according to classical thermodynamic principles.

Sadovsky Model

Predicts the properties of a pressure wave according to Sadovsky's formulas.

You enter: and the explosions calculator will provide:
  • Energy released
  • Explosive mass
  • Explosive density
  • Ambient temperature
  • Ambient pressure
  • Relative atomic mass
  • Gas constant
  • Step
  • Maximum overpressure
  • Maximum velocity
  • Maximum temperature
  • Ambient gas constant
  • Ambient density
  • Co-Ordinates:
    Maximum temperature
    Deflagration Index

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