Lift Rigging Calculator v1

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Lift rigging calculator


Lift rigging refers to the equipment associated with heavy-duty lifting operations. The Lift rigging calculator is limited to the geometry and capacity of 2, 3 or 4-leg lifting assemblies.

Important Note: Lift rigging configuration leg lengths refer to the distance between shackle contact points, not the length of wire.

If you wish to lift an object with a tilt and/or an off-centre CofG, you need to ensure that the CofG lies immediately below the apex of the rigging assembly, which is the purpose of the lift rigging calculator.


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Rigging calculates the configuration of 2, 3 and 4 leg lifting systems normally used in conjunction with cranes or winches.

You enter the lift weight and x,y,z co-ordinates for each connection relative to its CofG and Rigging will calculate the length and slope (vertical angle) of each leg in the assembly along with its expected tension.

The rigging calculator also lets you enter a tilt angle (α & β) in any orientation for loads that need to be installed on a skewed and/or tilted receptacle or surface. Rigging will let you know if the tilt you apply is unrealistic or impractical.

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Rigging Calculator - Options

2, 3 & 4 Leg Lifting Systems

Rigging has three calculation options, all of which require the same input data and provide the same output data as shown below.

You enter: and the rigging calculator will provide:
  • Lifted weight
  • Common lift height
  • Tilt orientation (0° to 180°)
  • Tilt angle (-90° to +90°)
  • 'x,y,z' co-ordinates of lift points
  • Vertical force @ leg connections
  • Tension in legs
  • Angle of legs
  • Leg lengths
  • Reoriented and tilted 'x,y,z' co-ordinates of lift points

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