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Friction coefficient calculator


Friction is the resistance between two bodies to move relative to each other due to surface roughness. Resistance due to chemical and magnetic attraction is not friction. Any different combination of materials and surface conditions will result in a different friction coefficient; i.e. the proportion of the contacting force required to move one surface relative to the other.

Whilst this phenomenon generates heat and causes wear in machines, it can also be a benefit e.g. in friction clutches and self-holding tapers.


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Friction includes two calculation options; Frictional Slide and Morse Taper.

Frictional Slide; is used to determine the friction and stiction coefficients for any two surfaces under load and calculates the speed and acceleration of a block sliding down a slope at an angle greater than its angle of repose

Morse Taper; allows you to calculate the dimensions of an equivalent Morse Taper (0 to 7) for any material combination (i.e. any friction coefficient). That is, you can design self-holding tapers made from wood or plastic or a combination of the two with the same capacity of a given Morse number.

First you determine the friction coefficient of your two chosen materials (and surface conditions) using the Frictional Slide calculation option and then design your self-holding taper using that friction coefficient.

The friction calculator technical help menu provides a list of generally accepted friction coefficients for numerous material combinations.

For help using this calculator see Technical Help

Friction Calculator - Options

Frictional Slide

This calculation option allows you to calculate the speed at which a body will travel down a slope based upon its frictional resistance.

You enter: and the friction coefficient calculator will provide:
  • Coefficient of friction
  • Angle (of repose)
  • Weight
  • Distance travelled
  • Final velocity
  • Acceleration
  • Time elapsed
  • Sliding force
  • Contact force

Morse Taper

This calculation option allows you to design an equivalent Morse Taper for any of the standard 0-7 grades, and manufactured from any material combination.

You enter: and the friction coefficient calculator will provide:
  • Coefficient of friction
  • Morse grade
  • Large diameter
  • Small diameter
  • Plug length
  • Included angle of taper

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