Prosperity or Tragedy

Keith Dixon-Roche has done more than enough to demonstrate that his universal model works, not only mathematically, but also logically. His model reflects what we see and feel around us (refer to his short lecture on the subject).

And from this work he has also discovered a genuinely clean and safe source of energy together with a universal form of transport, that needs no roads or tracks.
Moreover, his model of the atom offers us the opportunity to create mathematical chemistry, uniting all of today's disparate branches of science; pharmacy, biology, chemistry, genetics, metallurgy, electricity, mechanics, thermodynamics, etc. Giving us the ability to create perfect chemicals in minutes using a computer.
He has even created simple calculators for the atom, planetary spin, Newton's laws of motion and core pressure, all of which are flawless.
However; he is not a member of any scientific or academic community, so he is ignored by the powers that be.

For a number of years now, CalQlata has reached out to the public to disprove Keith's theories. We have even tried here at CalQlata, and found it impossible. So, we are currently offering a prize - of all 83 calculators that we have for sale today - to anybody that can disprove just one of his 39 discoveries. Nobody has come forward with anything close. All we receive is unsupported denials. Even Google is deliberately deselecting our website because we are publishing Keith's science and mathematics; but Google too is unwilling or unable to justify this behaviour. Could it be that Google has realised that Keith Dixon-Roche has rendered their last ten years of research on a driverless vehicle redundant, pointless, a waste of money?
Does Keith have a better solution?

We, at calQlata, believe we know why.

In 1905, a mathematical model was presented to the scientific community of the day that was based upon light possessing mass. Having officially accepted this model, the same scientific community was afraid to admit it might have jumped the gun. As a result, all scientists were subsequently committed to;
a) dismiss all Newtonian physics, and;
b) justify this erroneous model by expanding on it.

Einstein actually used Newton's gravitational formula to calculate the deflection of light-mass, and because his answer was incorrect, he deformed space, time and gravity to account for his error. He subsequently declared Newtonian physics incorrect.
There are a number of problems here;
1) Light does not possess mass so Newton's gravitational force law should never have been used for his calculations.
2) You can't deform reality simply because your selected formula doesn’t work.
3) If Newton's force formula accurately predicts the behaviour of all universal mass (without exception), you can't then declare it incorrect simply because it doesn't work for a phenomenon you invented. You must change your invention.

However, life isn't that straightforward. Just like the religious community it replaced, once a concept has been accepted by the scientific community, it cannot be changed until all of its protagonists have died, relieving its members from the humiliation they would otherwise face by being force to admit that they were wrong. E.g. Bruno, Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Newton, Wegener, etc.
That is the reason we are still searching for sub-atomic particles, dark matter, black holes and fusion energy, a hundred years after they should have been declared nonsense.

And because we have governments populated by people with no interest in technology, they are forced to rely on the advice of a scientific community that is similarly in the dark. This is the reason we (the general public) are forced to waste trillions of dollars on projects that have no hope of success; the Hadron Collider, JET, battery driven vehicles, the elimination of atmospheric CO₂, etc.

Because of official and industrial belligerence, Keith has permitted CalQlata to publish his technological solutions for energy, travel and chemicals on this website, and as a paperback book, putting the information into the public domain and thereby making them unpatentable.
Anybody and everybody is free to develop these ideas without the risk of legal or financial interference.

Let's hope this technology doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Mankind's future could be very bleak! It is now up to you.


A paperback version of this book is available from Amazon.