Prosperity or Tragedy

Since 2018, CalQlata has been publishing a fascinating sequence of verifiable scientific discoveries that together could change our world for the better, for everyone. But remarkably, nobody seems to care. The problem appears to be that Keith - who is an engineer - has discovered something our academic community has missed.

Looking back through the years since the beginning of the last century, it is obvious that progress in natural science has stalled. Almost all of today's scientific theories are based upon experimentation or unverifiable myths.
For example; everyone today still believes that our sun (and all its planets) accreted from hydrogen gas and then began spinning all by itself, dragging its planets around with it. Mathematics, 'the conservation of energy' and 'the first law of thermodynamics' shows us that this is impossible, yet we still believe it.

On the other hand, technology has progressed, and continues to do so, but only slowly, step-by-step in one direction, via experimentation; which is inefficient, time consuming, costly, wasteful and polluting. If atomic physics was properly understood, we could solve all our problems (biological, chemical, metallurgical and pharmaceutical) on a computer, achieving maximum capacity and efficiency immediately, using mathematics. Research and development (laboratories) would no longer be necessary.
But there is a problem. A few influential people (business, governments, academia) are currently making a fortune out of projects that run forever without ever achieving a solution; eternal profit from the tax-payer. Our lack of understanding of the laws of nature allows this profiteering to continue unhindered.
For example; in the 1930s Niels Bohr declared that electrons do not orbit their nuclei. And because he was a member of the scientific community his claims became academic dogma. It was therefore subsequently declared that atomic particles (electrons, protons and neutrons) must comprise even smaller particles to hold them together. So the Hadron Collider was constructed at huge expense to search for them. Here we are, 60 years later, and it has failed to discover a single particle, so billions more tax-payer's money is being spent on increasing its power! But ...

... what if Bohr was wrong, and Newton and Coulomb were right; electrons do orbit their nuclei.

We already knew that magnetism always accompanies electricity, Cristian Huygens told us so in the seventeenth-century. If atomic particles possess electrical charge (e), surely they must also possess a magnetic charge (m). Could it be that mass is actually magnetic charge and gravity is its attractive field? If you follow this through to its logical conclusion, then atomic particles can hold themselves together through electrical charge and atoms can keep their distance (the state of matter) through electricity and magnetism. If so, there is no need for sub-atomic particles. So the Hadron Collider was built to look for something that doesn’t exist!
At last, using pre-twentieth-century physics, Keith has now conclusively demonstrated that using Newton's and Coulomb's laws and theories, you can predict the properties of every element and all matter at any temperature using simple mathematics.
Keith has even proven the Newton-Coulomb atomic model by applying it to an everyday application.

It is astonishing that even today, nearly a hundred years after its conception, that none of the world's scientists - who are advising our governments - realises where nuclear energy comes from, which is the reason there is so much controversy over the creation, use and disposal of nuclear fuel; radioactive matter. Whereas nuclear energy can be extracted cleanly and safely from any and all matter. What's more, there is an inexhaustible supply of it everywhere in the universe, and none of it needs mining or processing. In fact this discovery is the long awaited solution to all the world's energy problems.
We could at last rid ourselves of all the unsightly, inefficient, polluting, damaging and expensive sources of energy along with their transmission facilities overnight; solar panels, wind and wave turbines, power stations (of all types), fossil-fuels, hydrogen, etc.

We at CalQlata have concluded that as nobody, academic or otherwise, is able or willing to disprove his theories, Keith must be right. Which therefore begs the question;
Why are so many governments and businesses claiming publicly to be using tax-payer's money to solve the world's problems and saving the planet, yet deliberately doing the opposite?
Could it be that actual solutions are not profitable?

What Can We Do With Keith's Discoveries?

Every one of today's issues; energy, travel, transport, pollution, biological, metallurgical, chemical and medicinal, could be solved very quickly and at very little cost.
Given that nobody approached has shown any interest in actually solving mankind's problems, Keith Dixon-Roche has agreed that CalQlata is permitted to publish all of his solutions, putting them in the public domain and thereby making them impossible to patent. Anyone out there willing to develop these ideas may do so without constraint or restrictions. You will find links to each of Keith's now unpatentable inventions - written in the form of patent documents - below:

The Solutions

The following inventions will be published on the dates provided:

The Molecular Calculator: released

Mantle Energy: released

Drag Reduction: released

Neutron Energy: released

The Neutron Energy Cell: released

The Impulse Drive: released

The IDV: released

The Liberty Belt: 1ˢᵗ of April

We (at CalQlata) hope that ethical people develop this technology first!