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Product ID 00007
Metal Fatigue Calculator v1
The metal fatigue calculator is used to determine the fatigue life of any mechanical component according to three recognised theories: Linear, Non-Linear and Goodman Modified Diagram.
Product ID 00032
Metal Properties DataBase v1
The metal properties database is a collection of the principal physical properties for over 120 standard metals and alloys including strength, elastic, thermal, electrical and chemical.
Product ID 00087
Mode 14 Calculator v1
Mode 14 determines the natural frequency of a submerged pipe according to DnV's guidelines No. 14 for free spanning pipelines, including the effects of axial tension/compression
Product ID 00011
Mode Shapes Calculator v1
Mode Shapes determines deflection and natural frequency of each mode of a beam vibrating between pinned and/or fixed supports (up to 1000 modes)
Product ID 00035
Moment of Inertia Calculator - Complex Shapes v1
Area Moments+ calculates the strucural properties of complex shapes comprising up to to 18 sub-shapes, the input data for which can be entered manually or imported from Area Mom...
Product ID 00084
Newton's Orbital Laws Calculator v1
Newton calculates the orbital properties of a satellite; such as a star, planet, moon, etc. orbiting a force-centre; such as a black-hole, star, planet, etc. along with its dynamic proper...
Product ID 00020
Ocean Waves Calculator v1
Ocean Waves calculates the parameters of an hydrodynamic wave according to Linear, Hyperbolic, Cnoidal, Solitary, Stokes II, III & V theories
Product ID 00094
Ocean Waves+ Calculator v1
Ocean Waves plus calculates the hydrodynamic forces induced on a structural member due to added mass and drag
Product ID 00083
Optical Lens Calculator v1
Our lens calculator determines the performance of spherical optical lenses made from any material and in any enviroment(s)
Product ID 00064
Padeye Calculator v1
The padeye calculator sizes a padeye to fit a recognised shackle design
Product ID 00053
Partial Pressure Calculator v1
Partial Pressures calculates the pressure, mass and number of moles of each individual gas in a mixture of fluids
Product ID 10001
Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica Rev. IV
A ꞌ.pdfꞌ version of a book explaining Isaac Newtonꞌs laws of orbital motion in a form that anybody can understand.
Product ID 00090
Physics Calculator v1
Physics calculates the properties and behaviour of all the matter in the universe, from Quanta to the 'Big-Bang', using a single unified set of formulae and theories.
Product ID 00071
Piling Calculator v1
Our piling calculator determines the installation criteria, operational parameters and limitations of tubular metal piles hammered into soil
Product ID 00027
Pipe Flow (multi-phase) Calculator - API RP 14E v1
Pipe Flow+ calculates fluid flow rate, pressure drop, velocity and velocity limitations of liquids, gases and two-phase fluids according to API recommended practice 14E
Product ID 00023
Pipe Flow (single-phase) Calculator v1
Pipe Flow calculates the properties of a fluid (liquid or gas) flowing in a circular enclosed pipe at any point across its diameter and anywhere along its length.
Product ID 00013
Pipe Strength Calculator v1
Pipe calculates the properties of a pipe with closed or open ends including: buoyancy filled or empty, internally or externally pressurised and externally applied moments and forces
Product ID 00085
Planetary Spin Calculator v1
Spin calculates the angular velocity or delta value (for its polar moment of inertia) of stars, planets and moons according to Newton's laws of motion
Product ID 00052
Plastic Stress in Metals Calculator v1
Plastic Stress calculates the bending moments required to generate plastic deformation in metal beams
Product ID 00031
Plate Deflection Calculator v1
Plates calculates deflections and stresses in loaded circular disks and rings with 44 possible loading and edge support combinations
Product ID 00092
Polymer Properties DataBase v1
This database is a collection of the principal physical properties for approximately 100 polymers including; plastics, elastomers and thermo-plastic elastomers.

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