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Piling calculator


Piles are used for permanent anchors or as an integral part of a structural foundation in uncertain soil conditions. Correctly designed and installed piles are considerably more cost effective than rectifying a failed surface foundation, or recovering a stray helium balloon or floating vessel.


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Piling calculates the installation and operational parameters and limitations of tubular (hollow) steel piles driven into the soil, either on land or into the seabed.

The piling calculator estimates the number of impacts (hits) required to achieve the desired depth, along with the incremental forces and the expected penetration with each hit. The piling calculator also calculates the design capacity of the installed pile for horizontal and vertical loads.

The hammer impact energy calculations take into account the installation environment e.g. if submerged in water for offshore seabed applications.

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Piling Calculator - Options


Piling calculates the installation and operational characteristics of tubular steel piles hammered into soil.

You enter: and the piling calculator will provide:
  • Required depth
  • Inside diameter
  • Outside diameter
  • Medium density
  • Hammer density
  • Pile density
  • Soil density
  • Hammer mass
  • Drop height
  • Bearing stress
  • Shear stress
  • Friction coefficient (inst)
  • Friction coefficient (op)
  • Poisson’s ratio
  • Gravitational acceleration
  • Effective mass
  • Impact energy
  • Pile wall area
  • Actual depth
  • Number of hits
  • Frictional resistance (inst)
  • Frictional resistance (op)
  • Maximum horizontal force
  • Minimum lift force
  • Maximum lift force
  • Minimum capacity
  • Maximum capacity
  • Height to moment fulcrum
  • Height above fulcrum
  • Height below fulcrum
  • Moment above fulcrum
  • Moment below fulcrum
  • Error
  • Hit Sequence:
  • Number of hits
  • Penetration per hit
  • Depth after each hit
  • Force per hit

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