Ocean Waves Calculator v1

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Calculator for the properties of an ocean wave


Most hydrodynamic waves occur due to friction between fast flowing air (strong wind) and surface water. As the wind continues, its energy is transmitted down through the water column in a rolling motion and longitudinally into the adjacent roll in the direction of the wind, producing a series of peaks and troughs on the surface, which together are referred to as a 'train of waves'. Appropriate wave theories are; Linear, Hyperbolic, Cnoidal, Stokes II, Stokes III & Stokes V

Waves also occur as a result of a single major geological event such as a rock-fall or submerged earthquake. In which case all of the energy will be imparted into the body of water at the same time generating a single wave. An appropriate wave theory is; Solitary


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The waves calculator provides graphical representation of the profile of the wave entered along with velocities and accelerations through the wave and the water-column and also pin-points your wave on both Dean's and Le Méhauté's applicability wave-theory diagrams.
Waves also includes co-ordinate listings of all plots for further processing where required.

Waves calculates the same parameters and performance characteristics for all the following wave types:

Linear: Small to medium ocean waves in intermediate and deep water

Hyperbolic: Medium to large ocean waves in shallow water

Cnoidal: Large ocean waves in very shallow water

Solitary: Single ocean waves such as tsunami and tidal

Stokes II: Medium ocean waves in deep water

Stokes III: Medium to large ocean waves in deep water

Stokes V: Large ocean waves in deep water

Waves includes a data listing for the horizontal & vertical velocities & accelerations through the water column at the 'Angle through the wave' entered.

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For all of the calculation options, the input and output data are as follows:

You enter: and the ocean waves calculator will provide:
  • Water depth
  • Wave height
  • Wave period
  • Current
  • Acceleration due to gravity
  • Elevation in water column (z)
  • Angle through wave (-180 to 180°)
  • Wave length
  • Time through wave
  • Distance through wave
  • Wave number
  • Wave speed
  • Wave celerity
  • Wave profile
  • Horizontal water particle velocity
  • Vertical water particle velocity
  • Horizontal acceleration
  • Vertical acceleration
  • Wave surface gradient (or slope)
  • Data listing: velocity & acceleration in water column

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