Planetary Spin Calculator v1

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Calculator for the angular motion in satellites


This is considered today to be an impossible task; to calculate exactly what generates spin in stars, planets and moons.

It is the energy developed in a satellite from its force-centre and secondary satellites that causes a satellite to spin.

Isaac Newton’s laws of motion provide all the information needed to calculate this energy, if you only know where to look. This calculator tells you where to look and how to apply it. Spin‘s output data is as exact as Newton’s laws of motion themselves.


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Spin uses the appropriate results from CalQlata’s Newton calculator to determine a satellite's (e.g. the earth) spin energy and angular velocity (incl. direction) or its delta value, which is used to define its polar moment of inertia.

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Spin Theory - Options

Spin Theory

Spin calculates the angular velocity and direction in satellites.

You enter: and the Spin calculator will provide:
  • Delta value or angular velocity of satellite
  • Mass of satellite
  • Radius of satellite
  • Orbital period of satellite
  • Relative angle between satellite and secondary satellite orbital planes
  • Energy induced by force-centre
  • Energy induced by secondary satellite(s)
  • Angular velocity or delta value of satellite
  • Polar moment of inertia of satellite
  • Total rotational energy induced in satellite

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