Physics; a short lecture

Keith Dixon-Roche has at last settled all today's problems with atomic and celestial physics;
there is at last one single theory that unites the atom with the 'Big-Bang'.

After two and a half years studying Isaac Newton's laws of orbital motion;
Keith Dixon-Roche has concluded that 115 years ago, the scientific community wandered off on a trail of ludicrous and unprovable theories, and is finding it impossible to get back on track. It is currently supporting, and indeed encouraging, massive international public expenditure on projects that have no hope of success;
The Jet Project; The Hadron Collider; Dark Matter, EHT-Photography, Global Warming, CO₂ as a pollutant, nuclear-energy from radioactive matter, battery-powered transport systems, etc. etc. etc.
and has been doing so for decades.

During his studies, Keith discovered the source of all universal energy, which is both clean and free. It could be made available within just a few years for a tiny fraction of the current levels of expenditure on the above projects.
What's more, this energy source can supply humankind's needs forever. We would never need to replace it.
Nuclear energy can be safely extracted from rock, or commercial and domestic waste. It need not rely on radioactive matter.
It could recycle nuclear waste, clean up all pollution, is more than two-hundred-million percent efficient, and its by-product is hydrogen.

Keith has also discovered that all forms of chemistry could be replaced with atomic mathematics;
perfect chemicals (including medicines) in minutes for almost no cost to their users, eliminating the need for almost all laboratories.

But all of Keith's attempts to raise awareness of his discoveries with industry and government has been met with; fear, anger, silence and disbelief; despite no one being able, willing or prepared to disprove him. It is as if the entire political, industrial and academic world is in denial.
He even received a letter from the UK government (DTI) that essentially declares them uninterested in new ideas.
You must ask yourself; why?
Who is benefitting from this wasteful expenditure of tax-payer's money?

In our view, Keith has presented the only feasible way forward for mankind.
If what he claims is true, and his evidence is overwhelming, we could actually solve all of our problems within a decade:
pollution, energy, transport, medicines, chemical, metallurgical, all forms of recycling (including nuclear waste), food, and many, many more.
CalQlata would like to hear from anybody in the know; why nobody in a position of power wants this for its communities, and also why no physicist is prepared to challenge Keith's findings.
We (at CalQlata) have concluded that they can't!

Keith has created a simple video-lecture explaining his findings.

A short lecture on physics; complete

We say 'short', but it lasts for more than 2½ hours, added to which will be the time you may pause it.

This is a; 2-Gb, high-definition, '.mp4' video file that would be difficult to download using conventional methods; hence the reason for providing it on this website.
When viewing this video 'full-length' (from start to end in one sitting), you may encounter some loss of synchronisation between the narrative and the slides, the level of sync-loss will depend upon the upload speed of your internet connection.
To overcome this problem, you can terminate the video and restart it at the slide (or time) you left it, or watch it in sections (see below).

Please Note; by viewing this video, you are automatically accepting Keith Dixon-Roche's copyright ownership of everything in it; {Keith Dixon-Roche © 03/12/17}

A short lecture on physics; sections

The following Table lists the individual sections of the above video.
Please bear in mind that unless the videos are viewed in the intended sequence (top to bottom and left to right), some confusion may result from a lack of understanding of items presented in earlier videos.

Please Note; by viewing any of the following videos, you are automatically accepting Keith Dixon-Roche's copyright ownership of everything in it; {Keith Dixon-Roche © 03/12/17}

Introduction The Error Smoke & Mirrors
Basics; the fundamentals:
m, F, p, E mass gravity atmosphere
Orbits; the principles:
how they work orbital planes station-keeping planetary spin core pressure
Atoms; how they work:
atomic particles the proton-electron pair the neutron EME the atom
Matter; atoms working together as viscous or gaseous:
the state of matter electricity fusion fission
The Physical Constants; the mathematical building blocks:
a description magic constants G coupling ratio
The Universe:
how it works
where do we go from here?

For those of you that would like a copy of the complete video, which is suitable for - and compatible with - modern large-screen, high-definition TVs;
you can purchase a copy (£5) that includes a '.pdf' file of the narrative directly from CalQlata if you contact us by email.
We will give you access to a DropBox location for a period of 3-Days after payment has been received.

Further Reading

You will find further reading on this subject in reference publications(68 to 73)

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