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Atomic properties calculator


The atomic calculator represents the culmination of Keith Dixon-Roche’s studies of Isaac Newton’s Principia insofar as it relates to his laws of orbital motion within the atom. It is believed to be the only such calculator in existence.

The atom is a collection of proton-electron pairs that, the electron of which absorbs electro-magnetic energy from its surroundings, converts it into kinetic energy and together with its proton force-centre, emits electro-magnetic energy.

Its structure comprises a nucleus of protons and neutrons surrounded by a series of electron shells each of which can contain up to two electrons. The measured temperature of any atom is the electro-magnetic energy emitted by the proton-electron pair(s) the electrons of which are orbiting in the innermost shell (shell-1). The heat radiated by the atom is the sum of the electro-magnetic energies emitted by all of its proton-electron pairs.


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ATOMS calculates the properties (including electrical) of all the electrons in all of the shells of any atom, together with the emitted electro-magnetic energy, at any temperature.

The calculator selects from a list of the first 101 atoms (elements) in the Periodic Table.

It lists a complete Table of properties that can be transferred to your preferred spreadsheet for further processing

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Atomic Calculator - Options


ATOMS calculates the performance and properties of all the proton-electron pairs in any atom at any temperature.

You enter: and the atomic calculator will provide:
  • Temperature
  • Relative atomic mass
  • Electron mass
  • Proton mass
  • Gravitational constant
  • Coulomb's constant
  • Velocity constant
  • Radial constant
  • Charge constant
  • Boltzmann's constant
  • Elementary charge unit
  • Light-speed
  • Temperature
  • Orbital radius
  • Electron velocity
  • Orbital period
  • Electron spin
  • Potential acceleration
  • Potential force
  • Kinetic energy
  • Potential energy
  • Total energy
  • Constant of motion
  • Energy ratio
  • Electro-magnetic frequency
  • Electro-magnetic wavelength
  • Electro-magnetic amplitude
  • Electro-magnetic charge
  • Electron microstate(t)
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Resistance
  • Constant of proportionality
  • Mass
  • Density
  • Specific heat capacity

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