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Bending Moment Calculator v1

Bending moments calculator


Bending moments and shear forces occur in a beam when loads are applied either side of its support(s), the magnitudes of which vary along its length.

These moments and forces can be minimised by carefully locating the supports according to suitable line-maps (see Technical Help, Figs 4 & 5) thereby significantly reducing the beam’s size and/or weight and/or increasing its safety.


MultiMoments calculates bending moments and shear forces in a beam at between 20 and 200 discrete points along its length, mapping their magnitudes. Line-maps are provided in the form of a co-ordinate listing that can be copied and pasted into your preferred spreadsheet (e.g. Microsoft Excel) for plot generation.

The bending moment calculator also calculates reactions at the support(s) and the maximum bending moment and shear force along with their positions.

MultiMoments caters for one or two supports, up to 10 point loads and/or up to 5 distributed loads (uniform or linearly variable) all positioned anywhere you like along the beam’s length.

For help using this calculator see Technical Help

Bending Moment Calculator - Options

One Support: Calculates the bending moments and shear forces along a cantilever assuming one support at the right-hand end of your beam.

Two Supports: Calculates the bending moments and shear forces along a beam with two supports located anywhere along its length.

Both the above calculation options require the same input data and supply the same output data as follows:

You enter: and the bending moment calculator will provide:
  • Beam length
  • Distance to support A#
  • Distance to support B#
  • Force (0 to 9)
  • Distance to F (0 to 9)
  • Distributed load LH end (0 to 4)
  • Distributed load RH end (0 to 4)
  • Distance to w LH end (0 to 4)
  • Distance to w RH end (0 to 4)
  • Reaction @ support
  • Reaction @ support B
  • Maximum shear force
  • Distance to F̌
  • Maximum bending moment
  • Distance to M̌
  • and
  • Bending moment and shear force co-ordinates

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