Column Buckling Calculator v1

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Column buckling calculator


Columns are slender beams that support axially applied forces. They will almost always fail elastically; i.e. before the material has reached its yield stress in compression, and earlier still if the axial load is applied eccentrically.

These elastic failure conditions were defined mathematically by:
Leonhard Euler (slender columns or spars)
William Rankine (fat columns or pillars).


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Columns calculates the strength and buckling resistance of Rankine and Euler columns under concentric or eccentric axial loading conditions.

The column buckling calculator includes calculation options for four different end conditions: Fixed-Fixed, Pinned-Pinned, Fixed-Pinned and Fixed-Free, along with the ability to apply the axial load away from its central axis.

Columns’ technical help menu also provides the appropriate mechanical properties for a number of typical column materials.

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Column Buckling Calculator - Options

Columns includes four calculation options, all of which use the same input data and provide the same results (see ‘Fixed-Free’ below):

You enter: and the column buckling calculator will provide:
  • Length
  • Least radius of gyration
  • Neutral axis to compression side
  • Neutral axis to load
  • Second moment of area
  • Yield strength
  • Ultimate compressive strength
  • Young's modulus
  • Ultimate Euler load
  • Safety factor
  • Allowable Rankine load
  • Ultimate Rankine load
  • Slenderness ratio


Both ends are prevented from movement in any plane


One end is prevented from movement in any plane, the other is prevented from lateral movement but it is permitted to rotate about its support


Both ends are prevented from lateral movement but they are permitted to rotate about their supports


One end is prevented from movement in any plane, the other is free to move and rotate in any plane or direction (does not include a Rankine solution)

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