The Atom v1

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Isaac Newtonꞌs atom

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There is only one theory of the atom that genuinely works - this one. And when we say works, we mean it. This atom really does work. Every property of every atom can be explained mathematically at any pressure and temperature from only one input variable; ꞌZꞌ (the atomic number). Keith has even produced two calculators for the atom that prove the fact; Atoms & Physics

It is because he only managed to solve this problem after his in-depth study of Newtonꞌs work that Keith concluded; no scientist has ever properly understood Newtonꞌs laws of orbital motion, and that this remains the case today.

The reason why this theory is so important is because it means that all chemical reactions of every branch of atomic science; metallurgy, biology and chemistry along with all of their sub-branches (e.g. genetics) can now be calculated mathematically. This means that the need for almost all laboratory experimentation vanishes. Perfect medicines can be tailored for the individual at almost no cost to the patient.

This is probably the most important book Keith has written to date.

This book (of over 120 pages) is not written with a view to make its author look more intelligent than its reader, it is written in plain [rhetorical] English to minimise the possibility of misunderstanding or misinterpretation of his dialogue.

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