The Flying Saucer

Have you ever wondered why our science fiction illustrators conceived of the flying saucer, when no such vehicle existed in our prior history?
Where did they get such an idea?

Believe it or not, the flying saucer is not just feasible here on Earth today, it has been so for the last fifty years.
We do not believe in such concepts today simply because we humans are quick to dismiss anything we don’t understand; the ostrich syndrome!

The flying saucer is an incredibly simple machine, which is based upon two very basic, but exceedingly clever concepts;
Isaac Newton’s laws of motion
Eric Laithwaite’s linear motor

It can flit across the sky at incredible speeds because it travels under constant acceleration (not constant velocity), and when clothed in anti-drag, it experiences little or no atmospheric resistance. And powered by neutron energy, issues no exhaust and leaves no vapour trail.

This machine, which requires no roads, rails, tunnels, bridges, ports, launch sites, refuelling, is incredibly simple to construct. Because it travels under constant acceleration, it can oppose gravity; at any altitude.
I.e. it can hover and fly in or above our atmosphere with no reliance on whirling blades. It can travel through outerspace with only minor modifications.

This book provides the principal information needed to design and build a flying saucer.


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