The Liberty Belt

The Liberty Belt is a remarkable new novel written by Keith Dixon-Roche, which is based upon his recent discoveries in physics.


The earth today is a very different planet to the one we knew six hundred years ago, back in the twenty-second century; before true science was generally accepted, and a hundred years after it was first discovered.
The impulse-drive and neutron energy have together given every member of its global population free, clean, safe energy, and fast, reliable transport and transit throughout its solar system.
Molecular mathematics has replaced chemical experimentation, resulting in free medicines, chemicals and alloys, perfectly tailored to the individual or product; health issues and material failures are things of the past.
Education is provided free via the internet you learn according to your wishes.
There are no more dams, wind-turbines, solar-cell fields or power stations of any kind.
99% of the planet's buildings have disappeared, along with roads, bridges, ships, cars, trains, aeroplanes, spaceships, mining, cables, pipelines, pylons, airports, shipping ports, etc. as they are no longer needed. Pollution has vanished. There is no more ownership; so, no more greed, crime or political control. There is no longer any need for a police-force.
There is no more poverty or hunger. The global population is now less than two-billion and falling.
A Central Administration System (CAS) maintains and distributes global information, and administers manufacture and distribution of the essentials for the planet's population; an IDV, an energy cell, a generator, a liberty belt and food. It also allocates residential plots (for virtual buildings) according to the rule; 'first-come-first-served'. It distributes 'credits' (the global currency) to everyone. CAS provides employment, for those that want it, in the manufacturing and agricultural zones of the planet, in return for which it issues additional credits. Credits are used for personal modifications and improvements to the essential equipment. CAS does not permit employment within its administrative centre longer than twelve-months to minimise the opportunity for any individual to accumulate sufficient information or control to an extent that could otherwise represent a danger to the planet's population.
Freedom of information is now a fact of life.
CAS has been working well for over three-hundred years, but given Earth's history, distrust still lingers.

Rosalind, a gifted mathematician, believes that the universe is far too well designed to have occurred by chance. She is convinced that it must have been deliberately designed and created, not by an historical man-made god, but somebody real. She desperately wants to discover who and why, but the limitations of neutron energy are currently a barrier to interstellar travel, which she is sure is essential to find the answer. She posts a game on the advice of her friend, Charles, which suggests a solution; EME storage.

Through a sequence of events that leads her to Mars, she joins a team of nine others to travel to Alpha Centauri where she becomes involved in an interplanetary dispute between different members of the same race; 'Thrupps'. But during this adventure, another colleague, Julia, solves Time-Sight, which together with EME storage gives Rosalind everything she believes she needs to find her answer to 'life, the universe and everything'; a quest that has been on every budding physicist's mind since Douglas Adams first published his famous work; The Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy' almost eight hundred years ago.

Thrupple is an exquisite planet in the Alpha Centauri 'A' solar-system. It is inhabited by peaceful people that have no experience of, or any wish to engage in, military activities, but others elsewhere in their star system are conspiring to change all that. The Earthling team are essential to the Thrupp's finding a solution. Alfred, a representative of an important Thrupple community, presents Rosalind with food for thought with regards to her quest.

The Players

Earthlings Thrupps
Rosalind: mathematician/physicist
Shia: graphic designer/programmer
Mileva: writer/analyst
Darrel: bio
Julia: energy specialist
Michael: the boss
John: comms specialist (Rosalind's cousin)
Charles: engineer (Rosalind's friend)
William: medic
Edmond: dogsbody
Alfred: the boss
Paul: physicist
Bert: physicist
Turk: physicist
Rolf: computer representative
Martin: mediator boss
Barry: mediator
Richalt: Havel ex-boss


The following terms apply to the above novel.

AC-A: Alpha Centauri, Star A.

AC-B: Alpha Centauri, Star B.

Acceleration-Deceleration: Transit between two points by accelerating to mid-point and decelerating for the rest of the journey.

Anti-Drag: An electro-magnetic system that repels atmospheric gas atoms and thereby minimises surface drag, which is responsible for more than 95% of all the energy required for transport and transit through an atmosphere.
This technology is known today.

Big-Bang: The explosive chain reaction due to gravitational pressure in the core of the ultimate body compromising the coupling ratio and thereby splitting neutrons into their component parts and releasing their energy (≈5.4E+62 Joules). This event causes most of the ultimate body matter to be ejected into space.

Black Body: A celestial body that generates no internal heat, and therefore no radiated EME. For instance; a galactic force-centre.

c: The velocity of EME 299792459 m/s.

CAS: Central Administration System.

Cocoon: Small man-sized rooms that permit standing, sitting and lying down. Includes facility for short periods of suspended animation through deep sleep whilst cold (not frozen).

Comms: Communication facility.

Constant Acceleration: Velocity that changes with time.

Constant Velocity: Velocity that remains constant.

Coupling Ratio: The ratio of magnetic charge attraction to electrical charge repulsion:
φ = ÷ k.e² = 4.40742111792333E-40

Credits: Global currency, based upon global population.

EME: Electro-magnetic energy. It is the means whereby energy is transferred between proton-electron pairs. It ranges from highest energy (gamma), through visible light, to lowest energy (radio).

EME Storage: The storage of the electro-magnetic energy released by a neutron immediately after it has been split, but not storing its component parts; a proton (alpha particle) and an electron (beta particle). This means that stored EME has no mass.

Energy Cell: A means of extracting neutron energy in the form of EME. It is similar to a nuclear power plant, but without the need to rely on the critical mass of radioactive matter.
This technology is known today.

Food: Processed vegetable and protein (designed using the molecular calculator); it needs no cooking. Special meals are cooked on Bar-B-Que type systems out of doors. Animals are no longer killed for food.

g: Gravitational acceleration induced by the earth’s mass at sea level and latitude 45.5°; 9.80663139027614 m/s².

Galactic Force-Centre: The mass at the heart of a galaxy that provides all the PE needed to keep its satellites (stars) in orbit. It is not in orbit itself, so it generates no spin-friction (or heat).

Game: A question or puzzle posted on the internet requesting contestants to take part in its solution. The gamester defines the game's conditions and parameters, including entry fee and duration. Entry fees are held in an escrow account during the game and divided equally between the winner and the inquisitor on completion. If a winner is not declared, the entry fees are returned to the contestants.

Hologram: A computerised 3-D image that is transmitted (electronically) from its sender’s computer/camera to the recipient’s projector. A hologram needs no VDU.

IDV: Vehicle propelled by an impulse-drive system.

Impulse-Drive: A drive system with only two moving parts and requires only electrical and magnetic energy. It can overcome gravity and works according to Newton’s laws of motion. It is also clean, silent and 100% efficient.
This technology is known today.

K: Kelvin (1K = 1°C = 1.8°R)

KE: Kinetic energy; KE = ½.m.v²

Lat: Latitude.

Lat-Band: A circumferential strip of planetary surface between any two latitudinal angles.

Liberty Belt: Small impulse drive device worn on the back and around the waist for personal travel. Can travel in any direction at up to 1g.

Life-Supporting Planets: A star’s greater gravitational influence will prevent its nearest planets from trapping galactic comets. No moons mean negligible internal heat, no plate tectonics and therefore no life-supporting environment. Planets furthest from their star will collect numerous galactic comets, that together will generate sufficient internal heat to melt their crusts (gas planets), denying them the ability to support intelligent life. Only the planets between these two orbital zones will be able to collect just enough galactic satellites to generate internal heat and yet retain a surface crust that will support plate tectonics and thereby create a life-supporting environment.

Neutron: A proton-electron pair united at the neutronic temperature. Mass of 6.7E-27 kilograms (mn = mp + me).

Neutronic Chain Reaction: Neutrons splitting into their component parts that impact neighbouring neutrons.

Neutron Energy: The kinetic, potential and spin energy in a proton-electron pair at the time it is united as a neutron; 1.638E-13 Joules.
For example; the neutron energy in a 100-gramme pebble is sufficient to run a domestic house for 75-years or a family car for 100-years. Its by-product is hydrogen (H+). There is sufficient energy in 1m of the earth’s crust to serve the entire human race for 1E+14 years.
This technology is known today.

Neutronic Temperature: The highest possible natural temperature of EME, that when absorbed by a proton-electron pair causes its particles to unite as a neutron; 623316124.717179 Kelvin.

PE: Potential energy; PE = m.a.d

Plot: An area of residential land with a concrete or stone base and an electrical cable base embedded in its outer edge and a socket for a neutron energy cell and generator.

Proton-Electron Pair: A single proton with a single orbiting electron; nature’s fundamental partnership and the source of all matter and energy.

Proxima: Alpha Centauri, Star Proxima.

Ribosome: Cytoplasmic particle structure containing ribonucleic acid. It is the assembly mechanism that synthesizes polypeptide chains based upon the information contained in RNA code. The single most important component in cell replication.

SOL: Ship of the line.

Spin-Friction: The frictional heat generated inside a celestial body (planet or star) due to the relative spin between its core and its mantle matter. This frictional heat occurs in every satellite that is also a force-centre. It does not, for example, occur in galactic force-centres, which are not satellites, or in moons, which are not force-centres.

Trapping a moon or planet: Many galactic satellites (stars), all sub-satellites (planets) and all sub-sub-satellites (moons) were once galactic comets. They were trapped by an orbital force-centre owing to their coincident and complementary PE and KE attributes.

True Science: Newtonian science.

Two Particles: The proton and the electron.

Two Ratios: The static ratio (ξm) 1836.15115053207 and the dynamic ratio (ξv) 1722.0458764934

Ultimate Body: All the mass in the universe (> 4.7E+48 kg) united as a single body through PE (gravitational energy) at the end of a universal period. Its core pressures is sufficient to cause a ꞌBig-Bangꞌ.

Universal Period: Kinetic energy carries all the mass ejected from the ultimate body outward from a common point of origin. Potential energy between all universal mass is slowing down this outward travel. Eventually, all the matter will stop travelling away from its point of origin and return to the same point of origin. The coupling ratio will again be compromised and another ꞌBig-Bangꞌ will occur. The time between successive ꞌBig-Bangsꞌ is a universal period.

Virtual Building: Constructed by targeting atmospheric atoms and molecules to solidify artificially. Surface molecules of the resultant structures are continually heated. Simple furniture is created similarly. Entry and exit are gained by clearing a space in its walls. Internal light is gained by altering the transparency of its walls. Transparency is effected by thinning the walls and aligning its molecules.


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