It has recently become clear to CalQlata that, since the beginning of the twentieth century, scientists have been inventing and accepting incomprehensible theories based upon magic.


CalQlata has agreed to publish this lecture series on behalf of Keith Dixon-Roche - despite it flying in the face of convention - not only because;
a) he can prove all of his work, and;
b) of the inability of anyone to refute any of it;
but also, because Keith has been able to drive a bus through Relativity and Quantum Theory so easily.
We are now convinced that the entire scientific community has been barking up the wrong tree for more than a century, and that this is the reason technological advancement is still totally dependent upon experimentation, just as it was at the start of the industrial revolution.
Moreover, the reaction of everyone in authority (and those dependent upon it) to Keith's work, convinces us that he has hit upon an enormous truth, and the authorities don't like it.

Physics is oh-so simple!

In reality, natural physics is simple, and that is its genius. The universe, and everything in it - galaxies, solar systems, stars, planets, moons, life, fission, fusion, the elements, weather, materials, etc. - works with just two particles that are related to each other by two ratios (static and dynamic), and that's it, nothing else. And, apart from the work done by Max Planck and Johannes Rydberg, all the information we needed to understand every aspect of natural science was available over a hundred and twenty years ago.
Today, using mathematics, we could - and should - be able to solve any and every problem - known and unknown - exactly, on a computer, in minutes.

Instead of desperately searching for a unification theory, all the scientific community had to do, was go back to basics. There is, and always has been, a single theory that unites the atom with celestial bodies, it was given to us by Isaac Newton; The Mathematical Laws of Natural Science (Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica). If you pull it apart and fill in the gaps with the work completed by contemporary scientists; Gilbert, Kepler, Galileo, Faraday, Maxwell, Poincaré, Planck, Rydberg, etc. everything is there and available to help us.

In fact, once the true laws of natural science are understood and accepted, all of today's problems; energy, food, pollution, transport, medicine, materials, etc. could be solved absolutely for everyone on this planet, safely, cleanly, and at very little cost, but that appears to be its problem!

Physics in Three-Minutes

You don't have to be a mathematical or scientific genius to understand these lectures. The genius is in nature itself. There are no statistics and hence no guesswork, and no calculus and hence no complexity, everything is rock solid, simple maths. That's why the universe works so well, there is nothing to go wrong, no margin of error. It always does exactly what it is supposed to do. The guesswork in nature occurs due to the atom's behaviour, not in the atom itself.

Each lecture has been limited to three minutes and presented as simply as possible.
New lectures will be released as and when they are completed, and others will be added to the list below as time permits.

Please Note; by viewing these videos, you are automatically accepting Keith Dixon-Roche's copyright ownership of everything in it; {Keith Dixon-Roche © 007/06/21}

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Atomic Particles
Distance & Time
Moments & Inertia
Torque & Moments
Proton-Electron Pair
EME Deflection
Temperature & Light
Centrifugal Force
Orbital Planes
Spin Theory
Body Properties
Celestial Bodies
The Age of the Universe
The Universe
The Atom
The State of Matter
The Physical Constants:
The Primary Constants
E = mc²
G, k & φ
ξₘ & ξᵥ
ε, μ & μₒ

CalQlata's Opinion

CalQlata does not claim that everything in Keith Dixon-Roche's model of the universe is perfect, neither does Keith himself; but we both believe that it represents the most accurate and realistic model available anywhere today.

Keith's model of the universe is the only one CalQlata has come across that can explain the way it works without once having to state, "we assume", "we think", "perhaps", etc. Also, Keith's is the only model that has no need to manipulate its mathematics to fit an imaginary model.

CalQlata genuinely believes that if this model were adopted as the basis for future scientific study, all of today's global issues would quickly vanish.

Further Reading

You will find further reading on this subject in reference publications(68 to 73)

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