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The theory of spin

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The rotational spin in planets and stars is a brand-new theory that has never before been defined; it’s all based upon Isaac Newtonꞌs laws of orbital motion. And it is considerably more important than it might at first appear, as it explains the internal planetary heat, the reason for the existence of the gas planets and how stars generate their heat energy.

It is because he only managed to solve this problem after his in-depth study of Newtonꞌs work that Keith concluded; no scientist has ever properly understood Newtonꞌs laws of orbital motion, and that this remains the case today.

Whilst the theory of spin is indeed based upon Isaac Newtonꞌs laws of orbital motion, it is all Keith’s own work. And it is an extremely important contribution to the world of science as it not only explains the cause of internal heat within planets, it also explains why the heat within stars comes from fission, not fusion, as is currently believed. It also explains, for the first time, the nature of the gas planets.

This book (of 85 pages) is not written with a view to make its author look more intelligent than its reader, it is written in plain [rhetorical] English to minimise the possibility of misunderstanding or misinterpretation of his dialogue.

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