Spring (helical) Strength Calculator v1

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Spring strength calculator


Springs come in many forms; in fact any material that deforms elastically (i.e. returns to its original shape after releasing an applied force) can be regarded as a spring.

However, the helical spring is the most common and most versatile of them all. They can be tiny and delicate and used in clocks or huge and used to support lorries and trains. Their characteristics are defined by their cross-sectional area, coil diameter, material and length.


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Springs calculates the tensile and/or compressive performance characteristics of a helically wound spring manufactured from round, square or rectangular section wire of any material.

The spring strength calculator not only provides the characteristics of a fully compressed/extended spring, but it also calculates the force required to achieve a specified deflection or a deflection for a given force.

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Spring Strength Calculator - Options

There are three different calculation options in the spring strength calculator; Round, Square and Rectangular section wires. Each of which needs the same input data (except for rectangular section wire which also requires a wire width) and provide the same output data:

You enter: and the spring strength calculator will provide:
  • Applied deflection, or
  • Applied force
  • Mean spring diameter
  • Spring length
  • Wire thickness/diameter
  • Number of coils
  • Second moment of area of wire section
  • Shear modulus of wire material
  • Radial distance to calculated stress
  • Deflection at applied force, or
  • Force at applied deflection
  • Torsional stress
  • Maximum force
  • Maximum deflection
  • Stiffness
  • Helical pitch
  • Wire length
  • Coil angle fully open
  • Spring Index

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