Catenary calculator used for bridge design

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Who is CalQlata?

CalQlata is a philanthropic partnership (not a company) whose principal aim is to provide assistance for those with an interest in engineering and its related subjects.
We ask nothing from its users, including the sufferance of advertising - not even an email address - other than acceptance of our terms & conditions.
Through its website, CalQlata also offers low cost, user-friendly (simple to use) calculators covering most technical fields, such as;
mathematics, science, optics, hydrodynamics, thermodynamics, engineering and materials.
In addition to our own dedicated technical support, each calculator has a Question-&-Answer page that includes additional support based upon the experience of previous users, and/or what they have said about them.
Much of what you will find on our site is unique, for example; its science pages, which you will find in our useful-stuff page. But you probably won't find us (CalQlata) using the Google search engine, because Google has decided not to 'recognise' CalQlata. We have no idea why. We can only surmise that Google resents CalQlata's scientific discoveries, which have exposed the profitability of eternal failure supported by false science. Companies benefitting from these projects and policies will no doubt be unhappy about such exposure.

We only provide accurate (truthful) technical information. We do not believe in guesswork or misinformation.
That is why we are offering a reward of all of our calculators (≈90) to anyone that can disprove just one of Keith Dixon-Roche's recent scientific discoveries.
That said, we fully appreciate that just like everybody else, we can make mistakes. So, if you find any errors on this website or in our calculators, we would appreciate your bringing them to our attention.

Platform & Browser Compatibility

Whilst our calculators work perfectly well on earlier Windows platforms, such as Windows 7 and 8, this website may appear corrupted - and/or some of its functions may fail to work - if viewed in 'Explorer' and/or earlier browsers.
CalQlata's website is best viewed on platforms such as 'Windows 10 & 11' and the most recent browsers such as; 'Opera', 'Edge', Avast, 'Firefox', 'Chrome', etc.

Online Calculators

Our newly released OnLine Calculators are abridged versions of those available for downloading.
They are all accessible from anywhere within our website via shortcut keys.
Many new ones will be released in the future.
If you discover any flaws or have any suggestions or recommendations, please let us know.

These calculators are not intended as a replacement for the downloadable versions, they are provided for relatively simple solutions; and are only accessible via the internet.

The Future

As a result of Keith Dixon-Roche's discoveries in physics, we at last have a wonderful opportunity to actually improve life on our planet; for everyone. Applied properly, they could give us free clean infinite energy, perfect medicines, materials and chemicals in minutes at very little cost, and also solve all of our transport and transit needs. Pollution of all kinds will be a thing of the past.
So, let's abandon bigotry, profiteering from failure and chasing impossible dreams (fusion energy, the Hadron Collider, the search for black-holes and dark matter, etc.), and start doing the right things right for all of the world's population, and not just the chosen few.
What we (@ CalQlata) find so disappointing is that solutions to all the worlds problems have been available for almost a century, for anybody that wanted to look for it.
This opportunity has been a long time coming; lets do something about it - today!.