Structural Floor Calculator v1

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Structural floor calculator


All structural floors are designed on the basis of a maximum permissible deflection in any direction. Therefore, the construction materials must be of a shape and tensile rigidity that together generate no more than this deflection.


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Floors calculates the dimensional properties of the materials required for a structural floor of a given size and permissible deflection including; beam spacing and load per unit length (uniformly distributed load) that can be used to determine beam stresses using CalQlata's Area Moments and Beams calculators.

The floor calculator includes a calculation facility for identifying the maximum deflection and stress in the surface flooring material resulting from a point load applied to the middle of an unsupported bay, between the longitudinal and transverse support beams.

You enter the floor size, the number of longitudinal and transverse beams and their tensile moduli and Floors will calculate the minimum second moment of area for the beams and the minimum thickness for the floor surface material.

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You enter: and the floors calculator will provide:
  • Pressure (p)
  • Force (F)
  • Deflection rate
  • Tensile modulus (floor)
  • Floor length
  • Number of longitudinals
  • Tensile modulus (longitudinals)
  • Floor width
  • Number of transverses
  • Tensile modulus (transverses)
  • Floor thickness
  • Spacing (longitudinals)
  • Area moment (longitudinals)
  • Load per unit length (longitudinals)
  • Spacing (transverses)
  • Area moment (transverses)
  • Load per unit length (transverses)
  • Floor stress due to p
  • Deflection due to F
  • Floor stress due to F

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