Past Mistakes

Unfortunately those tasked with our protection and lordship (politicians, their civil servants, bankers, businessmen, etc.) all typify Douglas Adams' quote: "it is a well-known fact that those people who most want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it", towit, a tiny number of examples are provided below:

The following is just a miniscule sample of errors from the past and yet they are all being repeated everyday by those that refuse to learn or are working to a personal agenda, which is why CalQlata would like to see all important scientific and related studies carried out free from the influence of politicians, civil servants, bankers and/or businessmen. We believe that private individuals and companies may be the only remaining resource for impartial study and research.

 1) Politicians and bankers were entirely responsible for the financial crash of the 1930s. Need we say more....(2008)!

 2) The controlling body of a huge international chemical company with business interests in both lead mining and automobile manufacture forced through (with the help of their politicians) legislation to put lead into petrol as an anti-knocking agent.

 3) The completion of Britain's (Eric Laithwaite's) Hover-Train development was dropped in favour of a faster railway train that failed and a minority stake in the manufacture of Concord. Neither of which did anything to help the nation's domestic transport system. Note: Whilst the contemporary French TGV project succeeded it can never be as safe, fast or efficient as a Hover-Train.

 4) During WWII, Tommy Flowers designed, built and personally paid for Colossus (the world's first programmable electronic computer) to help solve the enigma code because the politicians (UK chiefs of staff) tasked with finding a solution refused to believe he could do it. After the war, he was given no recognition, no award and no reward. They paid him back some of the money he spent to build it. Two of the chiefs of staff responsible for rejecting him have had statues erected in their honour.

 5) Politicians were personally responsible for the complete collapse of the UK's automobile manufacturing industry in the 1960s. It took them 25 years to realise it. Even once they understood the problem they still couldn't put it right.

 6) 1950s UK politicians cried for the people to burn more coal in their cities....!

 7) A recent dispute in the seat of power of the United States of America caused their government to shut down until the dispute could be agreed (the reason for the dispute is irrelevant)

 8) Russian politicians created the world's most totalitarian state and called it communism.

 9) Oliver Cromwell, who suspended democratic rule and is rightly regarded as a tyrant, a mass murderer and a religious zealot has a statue erected in his honour outside Britain's houses of parliament.

10) After visiting Adolf Hitler in 1938, a British prime minister declared "peace in our time"…!

11) The UK's brain-drain was due to a major political mistake in the 1960's. France is repeating this mistake today.

12) A politician may well have been responsible for the suicide of scientist 'David Kelly' simply to fulfil a personal agenda.

13) As far back as 1215, we understood about the need for global justice: article 40 of the Magna Carta states: "To no one will we sell, refuse or delay a right to justice". Yet every justice system in the world does exactly the opposite.

14) A recent British Prime Minister (who once declared in his election manifesto "Education", "Education", "Education") declared that every British youth should be educated in university and promptly forced through the payment of tuition fees excluding most of them and completely ignoring the fact that most of his nation's youths neither want nor need to go to university.

15) Politicians all over the world continually tell the public not to live above their means, yet they force students to begin their working life with a huge debt.

16) Today's traffic control systems actually worsen road safety and congestion, yet these systems are copied by every government the world over.

17) The UK public cries out for protection from inland flooding that is caused by silted-up rivers breaking their banks and a lack of reservoirs, all of which could have been substantially relieved or even eliminated by a little maintenance and less greed. In the middle ages, monks originally drained and maintained the Somerset levels (England) with spades and shovels.

18) Political inaction towards Germany's military growth after the treaty of Versailles meant that the world was subjected to a second war. Yet 50 years later, because politicians prevented closure of Desert Storm, a repeat war (Desert Fox) was necessary 7 years later.

19) Years of procrastination and inaction by European politicians resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of people by Slobodan Milošević before the Americans moved in and stopped the slaughter in a matter of weeks.

20) The British government were offered the opportunity to develop the jet engine six years before the start of World-War II, which they rejected. It doesn't take a genius to realise the implications this would have had on Hitler's war machine.

21) In the 1940s a British politician summarised the ability of his peers when he said "This island is made mainly of coal and surrounded by fish. Only an organising genius could produce a shortage of coal and fish at the same time".

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