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1.) What units are you supposed to use for the input variables?

2.) Is there a way to print or show the equations being used in the calculation?

3.) For the fixed-free uniform pressure ring, what are the load diameter and radius of calqlated result inputs?

Thank you for your enquiry, all of which are very good points;

1) As with all CalQlata's programs, unless otherwise stated, you get out what you put in. For example:
If you enter a force (F) in lbs and the radii and diameters (r and Ø) in inches, you should enter the Young's modulus (E) in the same units (lbf/in²) and all your output data will be in the same units.
I shall update the technical help page (https://www.calqlata.com/productpages/00031-help.html) to show this

2) I am afraid we do not give away the engineer's calculations, some of which are unique and have been developed entirely by themselves. The plates calculator, however, uses only classical theory.

3) The load diameter (Ø) is the inside diameter of the uniform pressure. This dimension is indicated on the image for the calculation option [and is described in the Context Help menu and can be found by clicking the blue help button].
The radius of calQlated results is the radius at which all of the following results apply:
tangential stress @ r (σxᵣ)
radial stress @ r (σzᵣ)
shear stress @ r (τyzᵣ)
tangential bending moment @ r (Mxᵣ)
radial bending moment @ r (Mzᵣ)
shear force @ r (Fᵣ)
deflection @ r (yᵣ)
slope @ r (θᵣ)