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Online Calculator: Waves

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This calculator identifies the properties of a linear (sinusoidal) wave and the water particles at a specified position within it.
Refer to the technical help page for the downloadable version of this calculator for its applicability.

Enter known properties:

Input Property: Input Data Output Property: Output Data
water depth (d): wave length (L):
wave height (h): time through wave to 'θ' (t):
wave period (p): distance through wave to 'θ' (x):
elevation @ 'θ' (z): number (k):
angle through wave (θ): angular velocity (ω):
gravitational acceleration (g): celerity (c):
profile @ 'θ' (η):
horizontal velocity @ 'θ' (vx):
vertical velocity @ 'θ' (vy):
horizontal acceleration @ 'θ' (ax):
vertical acceleration @ 'θ' (ay):
slope @ 'θ' (α):


This Wave calculator is accessible from anywhere in the website using the shortcut key; "Alt" + "w".
The "Reset" button clears all calculations on the page and reinstalls default values (this button may not respond in the FireFox browser).
Reset can also be achieved by pressing the "F5" key.
Hover your cursor over the symbols for an associated description.

Linear Wave

Whilst the linear wave reveals an ideal-theoretical profile that only applies to deep water conditions its properties, are very close to low-order Stokes' properties.

The green dot tells you where you are within the wave profile. If the dot disappears, the elevation entered (z) is below the wave trough or above its crest, but the calculation remains valid.
You will need to add a current or tide velocity to 'vx' where they exist.
It is important to remember that velocities must be squared when used in wave force calculations.

The wave-height and length are not scaled in the above diagram, as low wave heights would be lost in long wavelengths. Therefore, the wave-height will not change in the diagram when the value is altered.

Downloadable Version

Full downloadable versions of this calculator is available from this website at; Waves.

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