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Online Calculator: Combined Stress

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Combined Stress

This calculator only works for materials that obey Hooke's law; i.e. does not undergo plastic deformation.

combined stress in elastically deformed materials

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Property: Input Data Output Data
stress in direction x (σx):
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stress in direction z (σz):
stress in shear xy (τxy):
stress in shear xz (τxz):
stress in shear yz (τyz):


This Combined Stress calculator is accessible from anywhere in the website using the shortcut key; "Alt" + "q" (for equivalent).
The "Reset" button clears all calculations on the page and reinstalls default values (this button may not respond in the FireFox browser).
Reset can also be achieved by pressing the "F5" key.
Hover your cursor over the symbols for an associated description.

Elastic Stress

Its calculation results only apply to materials that obey Hooke's law, i.e. those that deform linearly (proportionally) with the applied stresses, both directional and shear, and returns fully to its prestressed condition.
Combined (or equivalent) stress is normally used for extreme operational design conditions. Survival conditions normally include designs that take plastic deformation into account.
This stress should not be used for fatigue or normal operational conditions.

The calculation method used for above calculator is that derived by Hencky and von Mises. It is verified in the downloadable calculator by comparing this calculation method with the principle stress calculation, both of which provide exactly the same results.

Downloadable Version

Full downloadable versions of this calculator is available from this website at; Combined Stress.

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