Non-PayPal Payments

You do not need a PayPal account to purchase a calculator.
On reaching the PayPal payment page; simply click the button shown in the image below:

Return to Merchant

Purchasing Direct

If you wish to purchase a calculator without going through the cart, you may do so directly from calQlata using the following sequence:

1) Send us an email ( telling us which calculators you wish to purchase together with the email address(es) to which you want them sent. Please make sure that the email address you supply is friendly. Highly regulated email servers will delete an email that contains a zip file.
In this email you must provide the First Name and the Last Name of the ultimate user, together with his/her address.

payment request email
Fig 1. Payment Request

2) We will then send you an email requesting payment (Fig 1). Whilst this request will be via PayPal, you do not need an account to make a payment, you may pay as a guest (Fig 2).

Guest Payment Option
Fig 2. Guest Payment Option

3) You complete the payment using your credit card just as you would for any other internet purchase (Fig 3).

pay be credit card
Fig 3. Pay by Credit Card

4) After receiving payment, CalQlata will sent you an email containing installation software (zip file(s)) together with the security codes for each calculator (by separate emails). If the email server you gave us rejects our emails, we will send the programs by DropBox.

Please note: The file(s) we will send you will look like this; ‘000**.___’
You will need to alter this filename to; ‘000**.zip’ in order to open it.