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Online Calculator: Date & Time

The 'Difference' Calculator

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The 'New Date' Calculator

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CalQlata's Date & Time calculator is accessible from anywhere in the website using the shortcut key; "Alt" + "d"
It can be reset either by pressing the "F5" key or by clicking the "reset" button.
The date and time data, which is entered and displayed in numerical characters, runs from largest units to the left of the page to smallest units to the right (as described).
Dates are entered numerically as follows: year/month/day.
The maximum year permitted in the calculation is '9999'.

The Difference Calculator determines the integer number of years, weeks, days, hours, etc. between the Start date and the End date.
For example; 7 < days < 14 will appear as 1-week.
'Start Date' must be prior to (before) 'End Date'
The default data includes both Start and End days as full days.
Times are entered numerically thus: hour:minute:second.
The clock runs from the beginning of the day at 00:00;00 to the end of the day at 24:00:00.
If the time is entered as 24:00:00; the [date] Day will be included in the calculation (as a full day).
If the time is entered as 00:00:00; the [date] Day will not be included in the calculation.
Otherwise, the [date] Days will be included as partial days.

The New Date Calculator identifies the date at the end of a number of additional days.
You may enter negative 'Days' (-000) to find earlier dates.
Calculation dates are assumed to begin and end at the same time during the days shown.

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