• The solution to Newton's GEXACT VALUE & FORMULA
  • The pressure at the centre of a massTHE MATHEMATICAL LAW (calculator)
  • The pressure at the centre of a massEARTH'S INTERNAL STRUCTURE (calculator)
  • Proof of the non-exitence of Dark MatterDOES NOT EXIST
  • The atom as Newton and Coulomb describe itNO NEED FOR A UNIFICATION THEORY
The solution to Newton's G1 The theory controlling planetary spin2 Pressure at the centre of the Earth3 Proof of the non-exitence of Dark Matter4 The atom as Newton describes it5
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Derivation and origins of all relevant natural constants

Physical Constants

The derivation and origins of all natural (physical) constants in terms of mass, length, time, charge and temperature.

This publication lists all the physical constants in units that will eneable their interractive use when calculating the physical and thermodynamic properties of nature.

It includes their mathematical and physical derivation along with their origins. All constants are accurate to within 15 significant figures.

It includes the recreation of and explanation for a number of science's most important physical constants, including;
R, k, h, G, e, aₒ, μₒ, εₒ, etc. along with their errors and corrections.


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